Data cleansing & validation

Data cleansing & validation
Our data experts will verify, correct, and ensure the consistency of your database information.

During the data (scrubbing) cleansing process, the software corrects the databases by removing the pieces of information that are out-of-date, incomplete, duplicated, or formatted incorrectly. Our data experts are using the most efficient processes and systems to verify the validity of the data obtained from multiple sources. They also make sure all pieces of the relevant information are in accordance with your specific business requirements. Our data cleansing and validation team members conduct web-based and phone verifications to determine whether or not this information is accurate, comprehensive, and updated.

  • Our data collection experts have the right kind of experience and skills how to solicit information from your potential or existing customers they call.
  • The results of our market research include the following: customer demographics, buying habits, needs, preferences, and other elements required to identify potential customers, markets, and factors that are influencing your product demand.
  • When required, we also conduct the surveys to determine your product’s market position.
Outsourcing models
Our company is one of the very few providers of the outsourcing services that can a variety of innovative outsourcing models. These models give every client the much-needed flexibility to choose the most suitable involvement level – from an opportunity to set up your business all the way to the fully outsourced components of your business and management. All of these outsourcing models come with the guarantee of the increased operational flexibility and reduced costs.
Our Comprehensive Outsourcing Model includes quality assurance, operations management, shared support, and technology system services.
With this outsourcing model, we take care of the staff, support, and assets needed. You control your team member's activities and their performance.
Our Facilities Outsourcing Model comes with the fully customizable leasing model and various service options.
With this model, we take care of your contact center operations at the initial stage. Then, you take it over when ready within the time frame we agree upon.
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