Whichever outsourcing model you choose - Comprehensive, Co-Sourcing or Facilities Outsourcing – your can rest assured that your business will benefit a great deal from the offshore operations we take care of for you. Applying any of these outsourcing models minimizes or eliminates the need for additional costs, business risks, and lock-in contracts associated with your own offshore business entity. Nevertheless, if you plan to own and control these offshore entities in the foreseeable future, then our BTO outsourcing model is the right thing for you.

Our BOT Outsourcing model’s components

With the BOT outsourcing model, our company provides the following:


We are talking about the dedicated workspaces, office furniture and equipment, software, hardware, software, and the reliable Internet connection.


Staff is employed by our company to ensure the success of our clients’ business objectives.

Operations management and quality assurance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), quality assurance, and operations management are provided and evaluated on a daily basis.

Shared support services

HR recruitment and management, facility management, IT support, and payroll.

Our Comprehensive Outsourcing service model makes it possible for us to access an impressive talent pool of highly skilled individuals who work in our contact, IT, and BPO centers. Our Comprehensive Outsourcing services have proven themselves to be a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, technology, financial services, food, retail, energy sector, and beverage.
Contact Center Services
We work closely with our clients to come up with a campaign that presents your brand in the right way, improves overall customer satisfaction, and increases revenues.
BPO Services
With our non-voice services we can help you focus on your priority business tasks and minimize operational costs.
IT and Professional Services
We provide high quality and high focus IT solutions to ensure business efficiencies and the top quality results.
Minimized start-up risks
By applying any of these available outsourcing models, your business gain benefits in enhanced efficiency and cost savings. In addition, you can focus on operational flexibility and core business. Thanks to the BOT outsourcing model, you can minimize the risks of launching and operating your own business in a foreign land from scratch. Then, you can take over when the moment is right for you.
Leverage our outsourcing experience and expertise
Even after the process of ownership transfer is complete, you can still choose to use all of our outsourcing services, models, and facilities. This can be a critically important period to strengthen your business capacities without operation risks and loses.
Phased transfer of operations and ownership
You can manage and control your own offshore corporation only when you decide that the moment is right for you to take over. You are free to observe, ask, and learn from the operations of your offshore business until you feel comfortable with taking over and running this business on your own. There’s no pressure to rush things. You will make this big and important move when you are ready.
Dedicated work area, utilities, hardware & software, internet connectivity
Dedicated Filipino staff, employment compensation and benefits
Operations management
Management support and quality assurance of day-to-day operations
Shared support services
Recruitment, HR/Payroll, finance, legal, facilities
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