With the help of the Co-Sourcing model we can combine the strengths of the traditional outsourcing models to suit the client-specific requirements. Our duty is to provide support, while you get the impressive results. This genuine outsourcing approach allows our clients to establish their own teams in our facilities. Meaning, we hire, train, and support your staff. We work for you exclusively from our facilities, while allowing you to maintain the full control of your teams’ daily business activities.

Our Co-Sourcing model’s components

With this co-sourcing model, our company provides the following:


The dedicated workspaces, office furniture and equipment, software, hardware, software, and the reliable Internet connection, and redundancy.


It is possible to hire either the client’s or our company’s employees. It is worth mentioning that all benefits and compensations are fully transparent to our clients.

Shared Support Services

HR recruitment and management, facility management, IT support, and payroll.

Optional Services

Our managed services, including the CRM contact center services, and IT upgrades are available at extra cost.

Our Co-Sourcing service model makes it possible for us to access an impressive talent pool of highly skilled individuals who work in our contact, IT, and BPO centers. Our Co-Sourcing services have proven themselves to be a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, technology, financial services, food, retail, energy sector, and beverage.
Contact Center Services
We work closely with our clients to come up with a campaign that presents your brand in the right way, improves overall customer satisfaction, and increases revenues.
BPO Services
With our non-voice services we can help you focus on your priority business tasks and minimize operational costs.
IT and Professional Services
We provide high quality and high focus IT solutions to ensure business efficiencies and the top quality results.
Ownership maintenance and control
We make it possible for clients to ensure the full control of their business activities on a daily basis. This outsourcing model also benefits a lot to the cost management thanks to the full transparency of salaries and benefits.
Control and reduction of your business costs
The clients who decide to use our co-sourcing services take advantage of the low costs thanks to the low salaries, insurance, and cost of benefits. We make it possible for our clients to save the money needed for the housing and support of the local staff locally.
Improved operational flexibility
We can deploy and mobilize our clients’ team members with a surprising speed and efficiency. In addition, we can significantly reduce your operational expenses and risk mitigation associated with the employee settlements.
Dedicated work area, utilities, hardware & software, internet connectivity
Dedicated Filipino staff, employment compensation and benefits
Operations management
Management support and quality assurance of day-to-day operations
Shared support services
Recruitment, HR/Payroll, finance, legal, facilities
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